Tears etched wet marks in my heart,
It rang aloud a question at me,
But I had no answer…
Waves of uncertainty created ripples in me,
But why…?
That was my question.

Winds were blowing bitter,
My thoughts squashed in mind,
Ripples swayed in the loose air,
But why…?
I didn’t know…

My grip was narrow and hops were bald,
Questions sparkled fire in me,
In the heat, I even appealed helplessly before almighty,
But why…?
I was met by silence…
Being clay in the hands of potter,
He breaks but only to mould better,
Late though in my vision, I trust His time is right…

My heart still remained restless,
On my race to an answer,
I ran in to an old man wiser,
I smiled like a kid despite all,
Perplexing, still understanding,
How this man made place for standing,
When I was young I have seen him fighting with his wife,
Were they loving to fight or fighting to love each other..?
I didn’t know…I believed both…

The old man was my dad and a great one too,
I missed his bedtime stories, fierce fights of great princes, of fanatic love,
Real or not, they always bought me a smile,
All in life has a purpose…
That was my answer.

But as time traversed,
Hopes slowly faded,
I remembered the times when I cried in past,
Mom used to say,
“Even if the world falls apart, smile because life is too small to be
wasted on tears”
I don’t know how those crazy masterminds figure out life,
I am still standing before it like a kid lost in woods…

Blissful moments are yet to be born,
Striving for dreams to last forever,
Living like each day is the last day of life,
A curtain was raised to my queries, for a while at least,
I figure it that life isn’t about finding a purpose,
But trusting God, all in life has a purpose…


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