Faces – How many encounters?
Many faces pass along in life,
Some smiled, some cried, some were expressionless,
Every face had a story to narrate,
I noticed a few faces,
Some passed away unnoticed.

As time flew,
Some faces couldn’t be forgotten,
Many faces got lost in memories,
Some forgot my face too,
It doesn’t matter,
Stars cannot be hailed,
Though we wish to hold them…

True faces are not always revealed,
Time makes its marks on faces,
How I wish the faces didn’t change,
Why can’t they be same?
Oh, Hail the stars around me,
Familiar to unfamiliar and unfamiliar to familiar,
But it’s hard to take in the changes.

I too had my own face and story,
My story took turns and jumps,
And my face narrated the twists,
Some saw my face, some didn’t,
Never mind, Lots of faces to meet,
This is no time moan over passing faces,
But to value each face you meet…


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