The platform was noisy and hauled with traffic,
Trains waved and bid byes accompanied by big buzzes,
Faces stood in anticipation, counting to reach their destiny,
I looked about the gush of traffic on all sides,
My eyes were seeking the familiar sights,

It met the craving people of ground,
Filthy pavements made their beds, leftover crumbs their bread,
Funny to note, billionaires and beggars belonged to one nation,
Indeed a country of different hues, narrating conflicting tales,
People in white appealed once in five years with buds of uplift,
Though dark in heart, poor succumbed to their gab,
But buds never bloom even if plant ceases to exist,
Masters command, citizens savour sweat.

As hues unveiled in mind, it had both tears and silent smiles,
I recalled a little girl pacing the steps of platform,
When crowd was close she held tightly to her parents,
She feared the people in rags approaching them,
The little one clung close to the shelter of her parents,
At the bare areas, she was an elated and curious bird,
Her mom watchful of her steps, stood by caring,
But her dad left her to herself, to watch and learn,
Seeing the unfamiliar, she looked expectantly at them,
And they never missed a point of her probes and moans,
Mind lighten with amazement, she hopped the platform bridges,
For once she missed a step and fell on her knees…
The mother made an attempt to pick the kid,
But father stopped her and asked to watch,
The kid stood herself, looked back and smiled at them innocent,
As if to say, “…I’m alright…”
The curious bird didn’t have time to weep over slight bruises,
She continued her steps but with care,
The dad and mom smiled at each other with understanding …

Time flew as memories and the little girl grew big,
She didn’t fear the people in rags anymore,
Life went up and down but she paced hard,
When life grew bare, she still ran to her dad and mom,
Holding them close, she smiled despite everything,
Walking between them she felt small again,
Few drops of tears trickled down her cheeks,
They who never missed a point saw it,
She wiped them briskly and smiled at them,
As if to say as of old, “…I’m alright…”

Loud ringing siren announced the approaching train,
Out of the gush, my eyes foraged the familiar pair of eyes,
Time moved out, but memories wouldn’t erase out,
It was hard to etch the reality in mind,
I had lost my fosters to oblivion…

The men in white played with each other,
The balls they threw landed at the citizens as blasts and riots,
Masters may win or lose, but citizens always lost,
Life was in pieces and the jigsaw was hard to be fitted back,
On that day, all went in fire, blood was on grounds,
The cries of people blared in ears; sirens rang, all in trance,
My begetter shouted, “…Run…Run…!” and I obeyed,
Faint though my legs, I ran to obey,
Another big noise, I turned, I too had hit the list of losers…

The world collapsed over me, I couldn’t follow the game,
I could just hear them crying out, “…Run…Run…”
Life went wild and bitter but I ran and ran…
Time moved , but I remained faithful to their last words,
Success came with wings but with gratitude to my angels lost,
As the day set, I strode the steps back to my abode,
Striding the paths, I knew I am always a small kid of my dad and mom…,
Wiping the trickling drops, I smiled at memories that never die…
As if to say to oblivion,”…I’m alright…”


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