I was all in rain and the day was setting,
My mind was trodden with grief and I looked about,
All my hopes were swiftly flying down,
And I wished so much to halt them,
But I was too gone; my strength failed me…

My mind was flying afar; it ached in the bounds of my heart,
All was too disquieting in my heart,
And I sought my Father above; for He was my sole hope,
I poured out my heart to Him, I lay my worries in His footstool,
His comforting words came in search of me; words that never fail,
And then my heart started to rest…

I trust my God won’t let me be crushed in sorrow for long,
He led me till here and He won’t leave me in wilderness,
Even when everything fails in my sight, my God will make a way!
As my eyes look above, my heart seek an answer,
Grant me strength oh Lord to sustain till Your time,
In Your time, You will indeed open a river in the desert for me…


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