The day was dim lit and ashen,
My mind wandered seeking the lights and colours,
My eyes crept past the open door of my abode,
I gazed across the streets and lane,
The street was silent except for a few morning walkers,
My view expanded across the streets,
As my eyes wandered, a small girl hopped past the lane before me,
The little girl walked ahead with her father pacing close to her,
And my eyes stopped for a while…

The small child’s mind lighten with colours was in high spirits,
She cackled to her heart’s elation,
For her, it was a walk to discover the unseen,
The father’s eyes caressed his daughter with a line of love and care,
Her searching mind was not short of words of curiosity,
But he was patient with her worries and cooes,
He never once quenched her desire to learn more,
The child watched her dad full of admiration,
As she gazed at the expectant face of her dad,
Her face shone brightly and she smiled sweetly at her dad.
An innocent smile from her heart…

The two soon walked away from my sight,
But the sweet scene still echoed in my mind,
It left a colour to my dim lights,
My father left me a bit earlier to the unknown…
But the blissful moments with him lingered in my mind strongly,
And those are moments that last a life time…


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