when I say how great is my sorrow, how endless the pain in my heart for my people, my own flesh and blood! For their sake I could wish that I myself were under God’s curse and separated from Christ.”
Romans 9:2-3 GNB

Here in this portion, Paul is telling that he is ready to ‘separate himself’ from Christ, if his kinsmen can be saved because of it. It is indeed shocking to think that Paul thought about ‘giving up’ on himself so that his close and near ones may be saved!

Can we ever think that way?
There are many people around us who m we claim to be our ‘good’ / ‘best’ friends. But would we ever ‘give up’ on ourselves to share gospel to them???

No, most of the time, it is ‘us/we/me’ who is before us! And not the love of Christ… We are ready to witness gospel but our intensity is more relying on the commandment than real love. Jesus Christ ‘gave up’ himself and suffered for our sins on the cross and that is the same love that God expects us to show others. Of course it doesn’t mean that we have to hang ourselves on the cross for our friends, but it means we need to genuinely ‘give up’ many things that is standing between us and God’s love.

Paul was ready to be ‘cursed’ and suffer so that God’s love may be shared with others. So the intensity of love that Paul had for his kinsmen and Christ is very evident here. We do not often exhibit even a portion of it. But its time we become genuine and prepare ourselves. If our love for our loved ones is genuine, its time we share God’s love genuinely with them loving with the heart of Jesus.

May God help us to love everyone genuinely…
God bless you…


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