Luke 16:15And He said to them, “You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts. For what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God.

Be it facebook, whatsapp, instagram or whatsoever, we all post our best photographs as cover photo, profile picture, DPs etc. Mostly nobody sets a dull or shabby picture as their dp. The point is simple: ‘We try to present the best of us to others.

We all wish to be seen as good people among those around. We like to be identified as a ‘noble person’ rather than a ‘wicked person’. And in the process of creating a good image we may cover up many mistakes or sins in our life from others. Infact, nobody reveals their real face before everyone they meet. This is what most of us do. We live with a mask!
Even if our mistakes are exposed before others we will have lots of excuses to say as its cause and circumstance. We try to justify our position before others. Sometimes we are successful in our justification but sometimes we fail to justify ourselves. The tendency to justify is natural because nobody like to be despised by others, everybody seeks acceptance from society. And we all commit many mistakes in our life.

“But, God knows your hearts”!!!

We can hide from man, but not God,

We can fool man, but not God,

He knows our circumstance and cause,

He has seen us doing it,

He knows our heart when we did it,

And He died to heal us…

All it requires is a confession before the Father and He will receive you back like he recieved the prodigal son. In the sight of man, we may be justified or may be we are not. But all it matters is, at whose feet are we committing ourselves? Jesus was ‘just’ in all aspects, yet He remained silent before the verdict to suffer for our sins.

There is a saying,

” You’ll be surprised in Heaven for you will meet people you never expected! “

Nobody may expect us there but God is ready to accept you if we commit to His love. We may be a hard core sinner, but the turning point is when decide to come back to the love of God. We may not be accepted before society, but God realizes our pain. We may be a ‘mask-wearing’ person not able to show the real face to others, but let us show our face to Jesus and commit for a change…
Shall we commit ourselves to His hands….?

God bless you….


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