Not my way But Yours

I was blinded by the ways of the world,

Lost in all the sin it had to offer

I tried to push you away,

And blamed you for everything I had done

I had everything but still felt nothing,

I was broken completely,

I thought there was nothing left for me.


Somehow I could still feel your love,

The love you showed when you died on the cross,

Like a lamb you were led to slaughter,

I mocked you the same way,

The very people you died for mocked you that day,

But still you showed your everlasting love And forgave us.


You shed blood, sweat and tears that afternoon but not one cry of anger,

You loved us till the last moment,

In the end I fell on my knees,

I couldn’t stand all the love you had for me,

Because I knew I never deserved it,

I heard a voice calling “Son! Come back home”


Lord I thank you for calling me,

Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes,

That I may see the light again

Thank you for healing me that day,

Nothing that I do can amount to all the love you’ve showed,

Thank you Jesus!


Let me live a life that you deem worthy,

My past still tries to pull me back,

But knowing your promise that you’ll separate my sin as far as the east is from the west,

Let me live a life that you called me to and proclaim your love,

And show myself as a testimony to what you can do,

Lead me on till the end through the way you’ve prepared for me…

Contributor: Ashish Prateek


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