Overcoming Fear to Climb Up

Sometimes you are so scared to go beyond a point. It might be a tiny step but the uncertainty of what waits ahead pulls us back. And but when you close your eyes and trust God, you will get the courage to jump over even deep gorges…

 #IIT_Bombay #lifeGroup #AdventuresWithNutan

My little sister (sister in Christ), Nutan, is so much fun loving and she woke me up early morning yesterday and took me to terrace claiming to show Sunrise. (@nutan_megu 😜 ). She took me through a dark staircase and we finally managed to reach a very dusty terrace filled with ducts and coils. What I saw next was my little sister climbing some ladders and jumping some gaps to reach the top point in terrace. And very coolly, she asked me to follow her steps. 

I was so scared on reaching the second topmost point itself and I told her I’m scared and I can’t further jump over ducts and gaps. I am scared of heights and the height of my position itself sacred me.

I stood and watched her for sometime and I looked around me. She didn’t force me in any way once she realised that I am sacred. But after some thought, I finally thought that I need to overcome my fear.

And being determined, I overcame my fear, climbed the ladder and reached the topmost point. And I realised that if I didn’t, I would have missed a beautiful view….



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