Fitting Pieces

I have been broken in pieces,

Fitting it back was a jigsaw,

I couldn’t make out,

As to what fits where,

My life quaked and heart ached,

All I had was tears,

I stood all defeated,

I didn’t have the answers…

I wished to fight back hard,

I vowed to ‘do things’ at best,

But merely ‘doing things’ left me dry,

I tried hard to fit the pieces,

The gaps still remained,

I explored new things to fill,

But nothing seemed to satisfy,

I stood all defeated,

I didn’t have the answers…

As I lay broken and tattered,

He saw and picked me,

He told me that He loves me,

But I felt I’m unworthy,

And I tried to run away,

He wasn’t ready to let me go,

He chased me all the way in love,

As breathed His grace on me,

I gave in to be transformed,

Changed to be loved and love…

Now I know the answers,

His love answers it all,

His love is greater than my questions,

I don’t have to aspire ‘doing things’,

His love will guide and lead,

I just need to surrender as He fills,

I can’t thank Him enough…

Never Enough…

Do you wanna be transformed?

Or may be transformers?

His love awaits you…

Welcome Him into your life…

Allow Jesus to transform,

Your brokenness to wholeness,

Your pains to gains,

Your emptiness to fills,

Jesus Loves You…

Image Courtesy: Havilah Cunnington


Not my way But Yours

I was blinded by the ways of the world,

Lost in all the sin it had to offer

I tried to push you away,

And blamed you for everything I had done

I had everything but still felt nothing,

I was broken completely,

I thought there was nothing left for me.


Somehow I could still feel your love,

The love you showed when you died on the cross,

Like a lamb you were led to slaughter,

I mocked you the same way,

The very people you died for mocked you that day,

But still you showed your everlasting love And forgave us.


You shed blood, sweat and tears that afternoon but not one cry of anger,

You loved us till the last moment,

In the end I fell on my knees,

I couldn’t stand all the love you had for me,

Because I knew I never deserved it,

I heard a voice calling “Son! Come back home”


Lord I thank you for calling me,

Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes,

That I may see the light again

Thank you for healing me that day,

Nothing that I do can amount to all the love you’ve showed,

Thank you Jesus!


Let me live a life that you deem worthy,

My past still tries to pull me back,

But knowing your promise that you’ll separate my sin as far as the east is from the west,

Let me live a life that you called me to and proclaim your love,

And show myself as a testimony to what you can do,

Lead me on till the end through the way you’ve prepared for me…

Contributor: Ashish Prateek


As I was climbing down the road,
My mind went along the path I trolled,
And I wondered why it was a long way,
Couldn’t there have been a short way?

There is still a lot more to trail,
I sometimes feel lonely and scared,
And my mind often gets scattered,
And I don’t know whom to seek for help.

Along the trail I had ran a lot,
I once tried to hide from everyone,
And I still hide under my emotions,
Yet I keep a smiling and naughty face.

I don’t want any questions, 
I want to be happy before everyone,
And I wish I don’t fall down again,
I have to keep running in the pace.

I know this isn’t my where I belong,
But as long as I am here,
I have only one hope,
To hold the hands of Jesus & run ahead…



The day was dim lit and ashen,
My mind wandered seeking the lights and colours,
My eyes crept past the open door of my abode,
I gazed across the streets and lane,
The street was silent except for a few morning walkers,
My view expanded across the streets,
As my eyes wandered, a small girl hopped past the lane before me,
The little girl walked ahead with her father pacing close to her,
And my eyes stopped for a while…

The small child’s mind lighten with colours was in high spirits,
She cackled to her heart’s elation,
For her, it was a walk to discover the unseen,
The father’s eyes caressed his daughter with a line of love and care,
Her searching mind was not short of words of curiosity,
But he was patient with her worries and cooes,
He never once quenched her desire to learn more,
The child watched her dad full of admiration,
As she gazed at the expectant face of her dad,
Her face shone brightly and she smiled sweetly at her dad.
An innocent smile from her heart…

The two soon walked away from my sight,
But the sweet scene still echoed in my mind,
It left a colour to my dim lights,
My father left me a bit earlier to the unknown…
But the blissful moments with him lingered in my mind strongly,
And those are moments that last a life time…

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